Friday, November 11, 2011

Bright colors help against seasonal depression

seasonal depressionThe bright light therapy helps a person not only to cope with seasonal depression, but is also of great benefit to patients suffering from serious mental disorders. The scientists from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania primary proved that bright light helps combat winter depression, and their recent studies have also shown that such therapy is effective for the treatment of patients suffering from serious mental disorders. The research published in the medical journal Bipolar Disorders, show that bright light can treat bipolar affective disorder, previously called manic-depressive psychosis.
More favorable is “light therapy” in daylight hours. To achieve best results the duration of these procedures should be about 15 minutes per day, say scientists. People who suffer from a milder form – a seasonal depression in winter, experts recommend, if possible, never walk in the day, and not stand in the dark after sunset.

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