Friday, November 11, 2011

Coffee reduces risk of the brain cancer

Taking just one cup of coffee a day was able to reduce the risk of brain cancer by nearly 33%. This conclusion researchers made based on studies that were conducted to determine the role of caffeine in tumorogenesis. According to the medical part of caffeine has a moderating effect on the supply of blood to the brain, thereby inhibiting tumor growth. The opinion of others is that anti-tumor effects of coffee can be explained by the presence of antioxidants in it and that their values ??are relatively high. Antioxidants protect cells from harmful effects of free radicals. Over 4000 people annually worldwide hear the terrible sentence “brain cancer” is sometimes crucial for October the lifetime. Half of patients diagnosed glioma. It is a form of cancer that is not amenable to treatment. The most common symptoms of the disease are headache, vision problems, blurred vision, drowsiness, disturbances in the nervous system and mental abilities, sharp changes in the nature of man. It is encouraging that only one cup of fragrant drink is able to protect us from all these manifestations of the insidious disease.
Still not found what mechanism thanks to this coffee has a positive impact.

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