Friday, November 11, 2011

How computer affects the heart

Computer manIf you sit at the computer with raised shoulders, your head is bent forward or to one side and feel the tension in the neck and occipital muscles, it causes congestive phenomena in the system of the dorsal arteries and breach of normal blood flow to the brain that leads to headaches, more rapid fatigue, reduced memory, increased blood pressure, heart pain and arrhythmia. If a long time sitting on the one hand, issued with one shoulder hunched forward, you might get heart pain, accelerated development of osteochondrosis of the spine and radiculitis. If the keyboard is positioned too high or too far, increasing the risk to get called. “Syndrome carpametacarpal it, which is difficult to treat and in some cases leading to disability. If you constantly work with the computer, follow two basic rules:
- More often change the position and
- Control your muscle tension.
Set near a sign your computer and every 10-15 minutes check how you sit, tense Is your back, I feel tiredness in the hands. Move on the chair, adjust your posture, bend and release your fingers, lift your shoulders.
Thus activate the blood flow in spinal arteries, will stimulate the nerve nodes located behind your head, you will relax your spine, you will remove the tension from the muscles. Try to sit facing a maximum, not cause the lower head, neck does not stretch to the computer. As for radiation effects on the computer is still very unclear and inaccurate things. In the sanitary standards which require: the power of the exposure dose of X-ray radiation of each point at a distance of 0.05 meters from the terminal buildings must conform to the equivalent dose greater than 100 microroentgen per hour. If you work in a room and behind you have another computer, be sure about their safety – at least let it be over a distance of 1.5 to 2 m. Especially, it concerns children. The general rule of radiology is: mainly by radiation suffer tissues in which cells multiply rapidly. For these are adult germ cells and cells of the small intestine, and the child – all!
So be sure the distance from your back to the computer behind you to be not less than 1.6 to 1.8 m. Take each day enough vitamin C, which proved reducing the effects of radiation. Eat more cheese and dairy products, as amino acids bind and help the body of free radicals. Move more – get up from your computer, walk up, make several deep breaths. This short exercises will activate recovery processes and will facilitate the release of the organism from the slag. The children aged 10-12 years in no case should the computer spends more than 1.5 hours a day. Non-Ionizing radiation consists of electromagnetic and electrostatic field. There are special rules governing the voltage and these fields, but unfortunately their influence on the body is not well studied. But one thing is undoubtedly – in various arrhythmias of the heart, ie in those cases where prejudice electrical processes in it, the electrical fields will almost certainly contribute to the development of the disease.

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