Friday, November 4, 2011

Health Tips For Kids

To start giving some health tips for kids you must understand where it needs to start.  Children will not listen to what you say or simply eat everything that you place in front of them.  You’re familiar of the common story of the child refusing to eat her broccoli at the dinner table, right?  Well, the you need to make sure that these healthy eating tips are not only being told by you, but also personally demonstrated and explained to the child why eating healthy is important.  Although you may be eating your broccoli at the time – what are the rest of your eating habits like the rest of the day or week?
The fact that there are so many fast food options does not help us.  It is so easy to stop by one of these restaurants on your way home in order to grab dinner because there is no time to cook.  By showing to your kids that it is okay to eat this crap that consumes our world then you are in essence saying to them that your health is not important at all.  It is okay to go out eat at some of these places from time to time – heck I love the breakfast menu from McDonald’s, but if that’s all I ate then I would so fat that I couldn’t even stand up on my own.
You should also educate your kids and yourself on what to shop for at the grocery store.  Even simple items such as cereal has so much sugar – most of it should never be eaten.  Learn what you should look for on the food labels and shop healthy.  I have found the best thing you can do is primarily shop the perimeter of the store.  If you think about – most of the healthy food is located on the edges.  This includes your fresh fruits & vegetables, lean meats, & dairy.  You obviously won’t be able to grab everything on the perimeter, but the majority of your shopping can be done this way.
Planning your meals out in advance will also help you eat healthy as teaching some health tips for kids.  By knowing what you are going to eat in advance you will be less likely to make some unhealthy spur of the moment choice  as your week progresses.  You should also get your children involved in the planning process.  Ask them what healthy meals they would like to eat for the upcoming week.  You will be surprised what foods your kids really like.  The fact is, most healthy foods taste very good.  Because we fill our mouths and taste buds with foods high in sugar and unnatural tastes then anything that is healthy will have a completely different taste to it.

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