Friday, November 4, 2011

Diet & Lifestyle in Women

Diet & Lifestyle in Women
Living a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet will help prevent disease and give you a longer, more fulfilling life. A healthy lifestyle isn't as hard to achieve as you may think.

Food that is "good for you" doesn't have to be bland. Many nutrient-rich foods are delicious, and they have many of the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrients that your body needs for optimal functioning.

When you hear of the term "healthy foods," you may think that this limits your diet. Perhaps the word "salad" or "lettuce" springs to mind, but when you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you can practically eat anything you want – as long as the portion sizes are healthy. Consider eating lean meats, fish, in addition to fruits and vegetables.

You may want to start slow in changing your diet. Choose to have a fruit salad for dessert instead of sweets. During the day, you may want to opt for raw vegetables with dip rather than potato chips. It's generally accepted that it's OK to eat sweets occasionally. For example, chocolate may have some heart benefits to it. Just don't overdo it with the desserts. The refined sugar in desserts isn't good for you. An occasional bar of chocolate is OK.

For an added health benefit, remember to aim for at least half an hour of moderate physical activity every day. This doesn't have to be hardcore exercise. Even a walk or jog around the block may give you an added health benefit.

Try to eliminate unhealthy habits from your diet, such as smoking or alcohol consumption. Smoking is one of the most preventable causes of premature death in this country. Even being around secondhand smoke can be dangerous to your health. If you can, try to stay away from smoking. There are many tobacco cessation programs out there that will help curb your cravings.

In our Diet & Lifestyle section, you will learn about the foods and vitamins that women should be concerned about. You'll also see how certain lifestyle habits, including smoking and caffeine consumption, may affect your health.

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