Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tips To Enhance the Health and Growth of Nails

     faces many growth-of-nailsproblems due to our daily routine activities like dishwashing etc.
According to the medical experts the nails are the true depicter of our health, if your diet and nutrient is not very good then the nails will get pale, brittle and cracked.
It’s a desire of every lady to get the long healthy nails because the long hairs look absolutely classy and sexy.
If you are also the one who is worried about the growth and health of your nails then I must say you have reached the right place as here I am going to discuss some stuff for your help.
In this article I have tried to discuss some very affective tips that will help you in getting the desired growth and length of your nails.
  • Rubbing the nails has been found to be very affective for the nails growth, you can do this by rubbing the fingers nails of one hand across the other hand’s and repeating this activity daily will enhance the growth of your nails.
  • Filing really seems to be a good activity for shaping up your nails but you should not forget this fact that filing tends to weaken the nails and because of that they become cracked or even break easily.
  • Massaging the cuticle and nails with your fingers is also very affective for the growth as well as health of the nails because it ensures the blood flow into the fingertips and that is very good for the beauty of nails and hands.
  • The natural nail color mostly gets affected due to the dark colored nail polishes like black and red, and if you want to get back the natural color then rub some lemon juice on your nails and soon you’ll get back the natural look of your hairs.

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