Thursday, November 10, 2011

Healthy breakfast

For some, the breakfast is what we have no time, and did not attach much importance, for others it is something almost sacred and binding. Most nutritionists are united in the opinion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it helps a man his body to wake up and recharge your energy for the day ahead. However, some people believe that the best breakfast. Much conflicting opinions among experts are exactly what is a healthy breakfast. According to some, it must be minimal and very light (eg green tea with honey or some nuts), and to others – quite heavy. The results of some recent studies show that people who after waking up does not take any food, have a slow metabolism, lower blood sugar, with reduced attention and impaired memory. The ideal time for breakfast is between 7 and 9:00. In various parts of the world since its content is quite different. French Breakfast (often it is called continental) consists of a croissant, egg, orange juice, jam and coffee. Turkish breakfast is bread with sheep’s cheese, olives and coffee, even English is rich in fat – scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage and vegetables. The CV is the national breakfast depends on the climate (as colder it is, the more satisfying to be morning meal). Available products are also important. It is clear that the Scandinavians are not used to breakfast olives – they prefer the boiled potatoes and fish.
The dietitians are a constant reminder that breakfast should be balanced, ie be composed of one third of the daily rate of protein, two thirds of that of carbohydrates and 1 / 5 of normal fat. The sate protein throughout the day (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, mushrooms). Unsaturated fats are absorbed more quickly than saturated and are considered more useful (avocados, almonds, walnuts). Carbohydrates provide the energy needed to awaken the body, but they have feature – preferred to be not “fast” and “slow” (liquid dairy products, fruit and vegetables). The body also needs fiber – dietary fiber, which create a feeling of satiety, normal exchange of fats, stimulates the intestines and provide a stable level of breakdown of glucose (oatmeal and bread). If a suitable summer breakfast coffee, milk and fresh fruits, winter should be “more stable” – oatmeal, raisins, apple, orange or kiwi. Suitable as different types of vegetable salad and fruit (no milk with high fat content). Do not forget the curd, which combined with jam and cream, can successfully replace toast and sandwiches.
Breakfast is increasingly perceived by many as a good start to the day, so no chance now become fashionable to have breakfast outside the home. The advantages of this could be several:
- A variety of coffee and delicious;
- Communication with befriending (which also helps to improve mood);
- No need to cook anything.

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