Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bringing up joyful kids

A proper upbringing of your child is very important for their further life. Well upbringing makes them strong as well asjoyful-kids teaches them happy living, which is necessary to live a stress free healthy life.

•    Always encourage your kids to try different things in life, motivate them to take chances in life.

•    Your kids follow you in every aspect of their lives. So when they watch you enjoying life, making your own fun ways they also learn how to live an enjoyable life.

•    To stay happy your kids need to stay healthy too. Provide them a balanced diet from a very early age so that they can follow that throughout their lives. Teach them that regular exercise is necessary for our complete well-being.

•    What kids want the most is connection with other people. They want they more than any other thing even a new toy or a great trip. When you do a kind deed the joy you get from that percolates to your family. Bake a cake for your elderly neighbour or write a thank you note to the bus driver who greets you with a smile every morning. You child will follow the examples that you set.

•    Instead of complaining, try to spend some quality time with humour. It will give you some real fun of togetherness. Your child also gets some ideas about humour as well as happiness.

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