Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Without a doubt the most important part of our health is our diet. Most people have no idea how big a role diet plays in health.
The more toxins we allow into our bodies and the less nutrients in, the more disease prown we are. One major misconception that many people have, is that being slim means you are healthy, and striving towards a thin figure is the ultimate goal for optimal health.
I’m not saying that carrying excess weight is a good thing, but just being slim alone certainly does NOT mean you are healthy.


The body is a complex organism and extremely robust, which is why we can live very unhealthy lives for  a long time before disease strikes. However it is important to eat nutrient dense foods everyday to allow you body to build and repair.
Organic foods really are the only option these days, as modern farming practices for live stocks and fruit and vegetables, produce low grade, highly toxic food that does little for us.
Another common misconception about healthy diets is that a lot of fruit is good for you, and eating huge bowls of fruit in the morning for breakfast is a good thing. This is actually not the case, as fruit has a lot of sugar, albeit natural, but sucrose and fructose are still not good for your body in high doses, as they can feed bad bacteria in the gut and cause excessive prolifeation of them which can lead to complications with digestion.

Raw is Key

The foods we eat are best had in their raw state. The reaons for this is that cooking at high temperatures can destroy food, by denaturing proteins and damaging enzymes. The more raw food you can have each day the better, and by this I mean vegetables.
Some of you might loathe the idea of eating raw vegetables,which is understandable, and that is why using juicing and blending is important. Juicing in particular gives you extremely nutrient dense juice that is very easy for the gut to digest and is made available to the cells of the body in 1o mins!!
By feeding your body nutrients dense food, especially green vegetables, it is able to fight off disease and repaid itself. One of the most fascinating companies I read about and watched videos on recently was the Max Gerson clinic, where they are healing people with cancer all from natural organic remedies. I have included a video link on the right side bar for you, and I highly recommend their book also, which can be ordered from their websiet here:
Healthly Food


When it comes to grains, such as we find in bread, it is best to stick to ones that are made from sprouted seeds only. This is the healthiest way to create bread and is easier to digest. Most bread you find in the supermarket, is made from non sprouted wheat grain, and often has sugar added too, and has little to no nutrients in it.

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