Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why we should eat the nuts unpeeled ?

When we eat nuts that are not pre-separated from the husks or shells, we blush and stop consumption much earlier. An interesting conclusion made American scientists. According to them, when you eat nuts that are peeled and ready for immediate consumption, we ate very small amounts. The so-called “effects of pistachios” lies in the fact that when a person had to white nuts and leave the peels in a conspicuous place, he is uncomfortable with people around you and eat less quantity – scrap pile creates the impression that this man is eaten much, so often he stops himself is sometimes a little before it began. A similar effect can be observed in the consumption of walnuts on chestnuts – all those nuts that require removal of the shell before consumption. It can be observed, however, and snacking on petit fours or packaged candy – few are those who will congregate pile of packages of candy in front of you without this fact to bother them. This conclusion is confirmed by a series of experiments conducted with students. All students participated in the experiment ate less nuts than usual. While being taken into account the time and effort required to remove the peels from the most essential for the termination was the possibility of visualizing the amount ingested.

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