Friday, November 4, 2011

Women's Sexual Health

When it comes to women's sexual health, you will want to avoid pregnancy until you are ready. Pregnancy and parenthood comes with many rewards and responsibilities - including financial ones that you may not be prepared for. It is also a lifelong commitment.

Take to time to learn how to use birth control and contraception correctly to avoid unwanted pregnancies. There are a variety of birth control options available, including birth control pills, condoms, diaphragms, spermicides, birth control patch (Ortho Evra), and birth control vaginal ring (NuvaRing).

Using certain birth control methods, such as latex condoms, can protect you from sexually transmitted diseases, such as HPV.An estimated 13 million people in the United States have a STD. You are at risk of catching a STD every time you have unprotected sex with someone who is infected.

For your own sexual health, you should protect yourself from STDs with abstinence, which is the only 100 percent way of avoiding pregnancy and preventing a STD. If you are sexually active, having protected sex with condoms will also reduce your risk of contracting a STD.

Remember that not all STDs can be cured, such as herpes, HIV or AIDS. A common sexually transmitted disease, HPV, can sometimes cause cervical cancer. For your own sexual health, you will want to avoid sexually transmitted diseases at any cost.

Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are only one aspect of women's sexual health. This section also covers vaginal and yeast infections, sexual dysfunction in women, and more!
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