Friday, November 11, 2011

Dark Chocolate the Best Diet Sweet

 diet sweet ..Some diets recommend that you get the chance to have sweets to reward yourself for your hard work sticking to the plan, dark chocolate is an excellent weight loss sweet. Even if you’re not following a specific diet plan and are simply trying to lose weight by eating more healthily, there are loads of dark chocolate health benefits that make it good for weight loss.
First of all, dark chocolate is made from plans meaning it has similar weight benefits to some vegetables – a lot of the antioxidants found in vegetables can be found in dark chocolate. These antioxidants can help reduce blood pressure, making your heart healthier. This should also help you lose weight with dark chocolate through improved exercise efficiency. It will also help you lower cholesterol.
There are other dark chocolate health benefits such as being able to increase your brain functions for a few hours – there is even talk of it being used in treatments for dementia and stroke patients. Other studies have shown that dark chocolate may help protect our skin from UV rays or harden enamel in our teeth, making us less likely to get cavities – tell your dentist this when he tells you to cut down on chocolate! It is even sometimes recommended to help coughs, and has been known to produce properties that reduce the risk of cancer. This makes it a good weight loss sweet to eat.

A lot of people worry about the fat content of dark chocolate. Whilst it is true that it does contain fat, studies have shown that only a third of the fat in the chocolate bar is harmful to your cholesterol levels and heart. This is much better than other sweets.
So how much of this weight loss sweet should you enjoy per day? People who have studied this say that you can get all the dark chocolate health benefits from 100 grams a day of dark chocolate. However, you can’t simply eat dark chocolate in supplement to your diet – you will have to cut down on something else to keep your total calorie intake the same. Make sure it’s dark chocolate you’re eating too – products like Cadbury’s Bourneville chocolate look like dark chocolate, but they’re only around 30-40% cocoa. Dark chocolate should have at least 70% cocoa

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