Friday, November 4, 2011

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Sexual Health in Teens

Your body changes dramatically during your teen years - thanks (or rather, no thanks!) to puberty. If you're a guy, your voice will change, you will start growing facial hair, your manhood will get longer and wider, and you may even become more muscular. Girls may become curvier and develop breasts. If you haven't already, you will soon experience your first menstrual period (which can start anytime between age 8 and 14. Some girls may get their periods sooner than others.)

Along with these physical changes, you will also change sexually. During the teenage years, many teens start sexually experimenting. Teen sexuality comes with many health concerns, including pregnancy, birth control use, and emergency contraception. Despite what you may have heard about STDs or STIs, they can happen to anyone who is sexually active. The only 100 percent way that you will not contract these diseases is through abstinence and by avoiding any type of sex - including oral sex!

Women's Healthcare Topics is here to teach and inform you about Sexual Health in Teens. Remember that education is power! Our articles feature helpful information on teen sex, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, and emergency contraception. We are always updating and adding new content, so come back often to read about the latest in teen sexual health

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