Friday, November 11, 2011

10000 Steps a Day Weight Loss

The 10000 steps a day challenge is a great way to burn excess calories and help you lose weight. Health researchers have found that this is equivalent to walking five miles a day for the average person and that the health benefits of walking are a lot better than were previously thought. The 10000 steps challenge is ideal for someone who works in a sedentary job that involves sitting at a desk for the majority of the working day.
How does the 10000 Steps Challenge Work?
The 10000 steps challenge is exactly what it sounds like. Participants use a 10000 steps pedometer which they place on themselves as soon as they get out of bed in the morning, and do not take off until they return to bed at night. The aim is to walk 10000 steps on a daily basis and every step you take in a day counts.
Many people have found that just by taking a short walk on their lunch break, or by walking up and down the steps in their building instead of taking the lift, they have been easily able to achieve the 10,000 steps a day. If this challenge is followed on a daily basis, researchers have found that an extra 3000 calories can be burned off per week. This is proven to have many benefits.
The Benefits of Walking 10000 Steps a Day
Walking 10000 steps can significantly increase the amount of daily activity that a person with a sedentary life style does. This clearly comes with some fantastic health benefits including:
• Weight loss and weight control
• A reduced risk of heart attacks and stroke
• It is easier to sleep at night
• Elevated mood
• Boosted immune system
Researchers suggest increasing the 10000 steps to 12 or even 13000 if you find you aren’t losing weight.
Tips to Help Your 10000 Steps Workout
If you work from home or if you have to drive to work, you may find it difficult to fit 10,000 steps into your daily life. If this sounds like a problem you may have, here are some tips that can help you complete the 10000 steps workout:
• Instead of taking a coffee break at work, take a walking break
• Clean your house whilst listening to upbeat music – you can even move to the hum of the dishwasher or washing machine if you like
• Stop using the lift and take the stairs instead
• Park as far away as possible from your work building or the shops
• If you have children or grandchildren, take them to the park after work and run or play with them
• Whilst watching TV, run or jog in one place – or walk around the room during the adverts
• Instead of standing still – pace
• Go window shopping, and walk around the mall
• Invest in a treadmill – now there’s no excuse not to walk whilst surfing the internet or watching TV.
With many people living busy lives it has become increasingly difficult for people to motivate themselves into finding the time to exercise. The 10000 steps challenge is a great way to get motivated and won’t take up much extra time in your life. You just have to walk for weight loss!

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