Friday, July 1, 2011

The Living Environment of the Future

Wouldn’t it be wonderfully convenient if we could literally roll out of bed and into the shower? Hansgrohe has created just that in the Axor Starck Shower Collection. The design is based on a central square that houses the shower, and surrounding it is an open-concept bedroom with all the amenities conveniently within reach. It offers a two-in-one deal for total relaxation, blending the restfulness features of the bedroom with the stress-relieving qualities of the bathroom – all in one room. The stream of water from the shower is the focus in this space, and creates the illusion of having your own waterfall in your bedroom. This focus is not interrupted by the shower walls, which are clear glass to allow visual access to the rest of the room. Pure white walls and flooring are contrasted by the dark wood of the open closet that grounds you to reality when the time comes.

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